Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey, tea partiers....


... you wanted a scrap for social issues? Well, have at it.


But first, when you lose Chris Matthews...

Here's "Tingles" opining on the regime's decision to force Catholic employers to cover, free of charge, contraceptive devices in their health care plans for their employees:

Matthews didn't seem sure how to broach the subject. Talking to E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Susan Milligan of U.S. News and World Reports, he warned, "It gets to that interesting point to me, which is frightening, when the state tells the church what to do."

Matthews took the Obama administration's decision to its logical conclusion: "If they start financing, under the law, what they are called to do, do they have any more credibility on the issue of birth control or anything else?"

Matthews as a Catholic, is more concerned with the Church's credibility than we are. What we are concerned with, however is, if the state can force you to sign up for health insurance and they can force employers into policy which violates their religious beliefs, what can't they do?

That battle cry of "Keep your laws off my body" from years past has now fallen strangely silent from the lips of shamelessly hypocritical liberals whom we now can only assume used the term "choice" as a false front for the singular purpose of the unfettered right to abortion on demand.


Modern liberalism: all the courage of conviction of a zombified runway model


But help may be on the way. As much as they have cheezed us off over the years, the ACLU has still managed to find its way to our side of an issue from time to time and certainly with respect to the federal government violating religious conscience, this outfit would see its way to defending the oppressed.

Let's see what they have to say on the matter:

The American Civil Liberty Union announced today that President Obama's decision to mandate coverage for birth control does not violate religious liberty.

The ACLU's Alicia Gay warns that the "powerful lobbying arm of the Catholic Church" mistakenly claims that the HHS contraception mandate violates their religious liberty.

Individuals who choose not to pay for employees' contraceptives, the ACLU counters, are forcing their beliefs on their employees.

"The fundamental promise of religious liberty in this country doesn’t create a right to impose those views on others, including ignoring civil rights laws or denying critical health care," Gay insists.


Wait, what?

How in god's name is choosing not to cover contraceptives in one's healthcare plan forcing a belief? We were unaware that employees covered by Catholic healthcare plans were unable to obtain contraceptives outside those same plans.

Congratulations, ACLU. Never more will we even attempt to give you the benefit of the doubt in such matters as religious freedom and violation of conscience: wholly unprincipled tools of the state is all you are.


And for those many Catholic organizations that jumped in bed with the Obama administration back in 2009 and '10 when ObamaCare was being ground out: how does that 8 AM walk of shame feel now?




Hey, someone had a good time.



SarahB said...

In an election year where it should be all about the economy, O has chosen the one social issue that could tank him. It's the sort of thing that may not show up in polls, but will haunt working class Americans when they close the curtain at the polling booth.

drozz said...


I think Chris just found out that like most of O's super-awesome programs, when you look at the details its downright orwellian.

Doo Doo Econ said...

As far as building the Tea Party movement, social issues may not be the focus, but when deciding on the future of human freedom they are key.

Freedom and capitalism are the moral choices. These choices are reliant upon the social environment.

Karl Marx began the field of social studies to give legitimize the "injustice" of our differing levels of competence which gives rise to our individual ability to contribute to society via free market trade. He named freedom to earn based upon our unique abilities "capitalism" to focus society on the money and not the individual's freedom that it brings.

Social issues are what matter in the long run.

Foxfier said...

Bingo, Doo Doo Econ.

Looking at my classmates, a lot of them love Obama because he enables them-- you should've heard the shrieks a few years back when Washington's governor was talking about cutting the free birth control. They're perfectly fine with spending a scary amount of money to drink in bars, but pay for their own birth control and STD tests? Never!