Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smack of the day


Now who was it that was supposed to be the patriarchal, chauvanistic pigs?

Here's Dana Loesch on the liberal-left's leading men, rape and, of course, "context":

No one is debating capitalism, what Moulitsas mistakes as “Occupy points.” The movement has had zero impact, except on crime statistics. At best, it was the shining hope of a manufactured populist unrest to aid Obama in his reelection efforts, but it dissipated into an irrelevant criminal cesspool.

The bottom line is that neither man gave any concern to the number of rape victims in the Occupy movement. Sexual attacks have gone wholly ignored by progressive males. Moulitsas calls the rape accusations (the rapes all sourced above) “bogeymen.” Yes, the “compassionate” progressive tosses women under the bus because acknowledging their assault at the hands of a progressive ideology that takes what it wants — be it capital, property, or sex — harms the stability of their movement. Progressive males have sent a message loud and clear to victimized females in the Occupy movement: we don’t care. They want to win more than they want you to be safe.

If you disagree, ask yourself how many times one of them has condemned the sexual attacks.

If you try to excuse the attacks with the “rogue” excuse, then ask yourself why none of these men reported on how many camps were working to cover up the rapes and prevent women from reporting them to the authorities.

Ask yourself why none of these men have discussed why so-called “safe zones” were established in various camps to protect women from sexual predators which were other Occupiers.

Now ask yourself if these progressive men ignoring this issue really care about the equality they prattle on about whenever they gum in front of a camera.

The answer is, of course, that they don’t.

The statist mindset is that of coersion. If it applies to capital and private property, why shouldn't it also apply to that most private of properties, your body?

Everyone in this movement talks about “fair shares” and “spreading the wealth,” how about spreading the respect for women’s bodies? How about spreading the wealth of consideration? Or did that get downtwinkled at the frat party meeting?

Olbermann and Moulitsas talk a really good game about compassion and equality but at their core they share the same oppressive traits that sparked a revolution, and they’ve gotten lazy about hiding it.

Yep. Kinda like the tea party.


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SarahB said...

I was feeling bad for the women until I watched that video.What the hell are the police supposed to do? "Officer, a skinny, dirty, 20-something white guy was feeling me up. I couldn't see his face in the dark but he smelled like pot and rotten veggie burger."

Sleep with aimless inebrieated strangers and get assaulted. Who'd a thunk it?