Thursday, February 2, 2012

If you thought ObamaCare was bad...


... you don't live in California.

It has largely flown under the radar, but we have it on good word that California's own single-payer/universal healthcare plan SB 810, sponsored by Bay Area Democrat (natch) Mark Leno failed to make it to the Senate floor a couple of days back for a straight up or down vote. So it's dead... for now. Or at least as dead as any bill that has been floating around Sacramento for the past 6 or 7 years can be.

Dawn Wildman of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition and local tea party lioness was on LaDona Harvey's KOGO AM 600 show on Monday talking about it. It can be downloaded here. Uh, no it can't. Here's where we throw you over to Leslie at Temple of Mut who does have the embedded link.

Some highlights from Dawn, "The Harbinger of Doom" and LaDona:

"The stupidity is only exceeded by the arrogance of this bill."

"... creates 22 new government agencies."

"... $280 billion price tag that we don't have to actually fund this."

"... it's like high-speed rail - it just won't go away and it's going to cost a fortune."

"... at the last minute, anything anybody has ever wanted in healthcare, they threw in to make their special interests happy."

Covers all California residents or those who intend on living in California (ed. note: let the mind run free with the endless possibilities of what that all implies.)

"847 pages of special interests."

(California's universal health care law is intended to cover all the "shortcomings" of ObamaCare in which the President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid sold out on in the minds of the hardcore left. It's as if someone gave Leno the keys to the "suck" vault at the bank and left him unsupervised there with his friend for the afternoon.)

(Consider this only a temporary victory as with the Night of the Living Dead politics that is California, this thing will be coming back.)

And in other totally related news... we're (still) out of money:

State lawmakers moved to avoid a cash crunch Tuesday as the controller warned that California could be in the red by early March.

A lag in revenue and higher-than-expected spending mean the state needs to scrape together more than $3 billion to stay in the black and keep a comfortable cash reserve, the controller said.

A legislative committee advanced a bill that would expand the state's ability to borrow from dedicated funds to cover daily expenses, while Gov. Jerry Brown's administration planned to tap universities and take other measures to help plug the gap.

(Incidentally, news of the failure of the healthcare bill was quietly buried in the 10th paragraph of linked article from the L.A. Times, stating only, "In other legislative matters, a bid to create a universal healthcare system in California failed,")

If you think the current fiscal situation sounds like that in which you probably would not want to plunge upwards of $33, $48, $98, $120 billion for high-speed choo-choos train tracks from San Fran to San Diego Orange County then you are probably not Governor Brown or any of the other kool aid-drinking statists at the top of California's ruling class who apparently think that the money to fund universal healthcare and a high-speed choo-choo system will be delivered on the backs of unicorns vaulting over rainbows.


SarahB said...

Tap universities for funds...brilliant.

Thanks for spreading the word on 810...most don't know how close they came to doom!

Road Dawg said...

Impending doom. We seem to be having our butts handed to us on a regular basis without too much hope in sight. We can't give up the struggle, and thanks to the SLOBS out there to let us know how bad it can be without the fight.

Saw the Christening of the Evers on NBC, hoping to see Dean but did not.

dmwlaw said...

Thank for highlighting Deano. I see light, if it were not for the hard working tea party folks all over this state SB 810 would have passed and you wouldn't know about it until you saw the mass exodus of physicians and insurance companies clogging the 405!