Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Video clip(s) of the day


If you follow the righty blogosphere with any regularity, you are probably aware of the dust-up concerning the Chrysler commercial featuring Clint Eastwood that aired at half-time of the Super Bowl and which was panned by many on the right for being agitprop for a fourth Bush second Obama term.

We freely admit that when we first saw it, that was not what we were thinking as most likely our thoughts were on the general disgust we feel whenever confronted with evidence of the excrable automotive bailouts. After watching it again (video can be found here) we understand the criticism but as we said, we didn't feel it at the time so we cannot get too uppity about it.

Having said all that, Reason.tv parodies the Chrysler commercial and comes much closer to the truth of the matter with respect to Chrysler and our tax-payer bailout of the same.

A pretty weak year for commercials but this Jim Thorpe to Red Grange to Deacon Dan Towler to Gale Sayers to Rick Upchuch to the current era evolutionary time lapse history of football in America caught our eye.

They forgot the part where defenders can't muss the hair of quarterbacks but overall, yeah, really good commercial.

(Much like how you can never go wrong with featuring primates in your commercial, you can never go wrong with some Ray Charles, either)



SarahB said...

They can try to distort the story all they want...gas is almost $4 per gallon and bread is more expensive than ever...things you can't hide from mom's and will come to roost Nov.

Mutnodjmet said...

I bet Clint wishes he'd have done the parody commercials instead. :)