Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Saturday, anyone?


The following is a portion of a post we ran initially 3 years ago on the Sunday between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl and which is now part of our crusade to move the Super Bowl to Saturday evening.

For those of you wandering around this morning in a daze after coming to the realization that for the first time in nearly 5 months, there is no football being played today, please consider this a fix… a feeble fix but hopefully a fix nonetheless. The crusaders at the American Mustache Institute (AMI) are campaigning for a move of the Super Bowl from Sunday to Saturday. They make their case here a strong one.

Really, there is no reason to not play the Super Bowl on Saturday evening as a prime-time event. There is nothing sacred about Sunday… rather there is nothing sacred about playing NFL football on Sunday. That horse got out of the barn over 35 years ago when Monday Night Football appeared on the scene. And now with football on Thursday and Saturday nights in the regular season and playoffs, the purist argument is rendered moot.

When was the last time you hosted or even went to a party on Sunday? Since the Super Bowl has become such a nation-wide social event with people of every socio-economic stripe hosting Super Bowl parties, rescheduling this consumer-America high holiday to Saturday makes more and more sense.

Throw in the absentee and loss-of-productivity arguments from Hangover Monday and guilt-free binge drinking becomes yet one more reason to make this happen.

Super Saturday, A Salute to Excess: Losing none of the alliterative corporate punch.

People, standing together we can make this happen. Let's do it!

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Mostly Nothing said...

Absolutely correct. A Saturday night game would be better for everyone except talk radio. Watching Mike & Mike now, while getting ready for work. What could the talk about on Monday morning if the Superbowl was Saturday?