Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your tax dollars at work


We can't think of a better summation of the current state of Planned Parenthood than this 8 minute public service "cartoon".

For those of you who don't have the time, stomach or inclination to watch, here's what you and your kids didn't miss: the self-styled Dionysus, the Greek goddess of wine and madness and now mascot of Planned Parenthood being willfully ignorant and deliberately misleading with respect to the fact that condoms are far from being full-proof when it comes to preventing STDs and three times using violence to shut down 1st amendment-protected dissenting view points.

Via Secular Apostate:

"... the stench of misinformed conservatism."

Tax payer-funded agitprop never sounded so clever.

Forgive us our harshness but the Susan G. Komen foundation will not get one red cent from us as long as they are in league with Planned Parenthood.

Exit observation and question: there was quite a bit of Facebook hand-wringing a couple weeks back and accusing Komen of "caving in to political pressure" when the foundation initially susupended donations to Planned Parenthood. What was it then that caused them to retreat from this stance and resume giving to this excrable outfit?


SarahB said...

O...M...G...that was THE weirdest thing I've ever seen! I don't really think they did themselves any favors for going ala SNL The X-Presidents with this one.

Komen has always struck me as overly distracted with sucking up to pop-culture and has created an almost cult-like following of 'help us or else' activists. God forbit you don't buy something pink when it's shoved down your throat.

Dean said...

SNL X-Presidents... that's it! I knew I had seen this schtick somewhere else before.