Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As seen on Facebook


To which we responded:

We think everyone can agree on this: your voting record, your sex life and your purchasing of birth control are all highly personal, autonomous and self-responsible matters and should remain that way.

It's come to this...

Modern feminism: having become enslaved to your own sex life, you are left to beg on Capitol Hill for someone else to pay for your own birth control.


We suppose you have, sweetheart.



K T Cat said...

Is David Friend, CEO of Carbonite, OK if his daughters have unlimited sexual partners? If not, isn't he implicitly worried that they would be "sluts"?

Where does David live? I wonder if he lives in Compton.

SarahB said...

When did it become more dignified to ask congress for a condom than your sex partner?

K T Cat said...