Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well known pol goes Borscht Belt to defend incoherent energy policy


Entrance question: Can a guy who refuses to acknowledge the technology for his pet green programs aren't quite market ready get off calling his political opponents as being, uh, unscientific?

Entrance answer: It's campaign season so let'er rip, baby, even if you beclown yourself.


President Barack Obama on Thursday derided his GOP challengers, calling them members of the “flat earth society” for their positions on energy.

“Lately, we have heard a lot of professional politicians, a lot of the folks who were, you know, running for a certain office, who shall go unnamed, they’ve been talking down new sources of energy,” Obama told a crowd during a speech in Maryland. “They dismiss wind power. They dismiss solar power. They make jokes about biofuels. They were against raising fuel standards. I guess they like gas guzzlers. They think that’s good for our future. We’re trying to move towards the future, they want to be stuck in the past!”

While not identifying any of the GOP contenders by name, Obama continued: “We’ve heard this kind of thinking before. Let me tell you something, if some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. They would not have believed that the world was round.”

Boy, that's rich. Dude is presiding over some of the highest gas prices ever and is running a corrupt, cronyistic and now we are finding via the GAO, a completely incompetent and unaccountable DOE loan program.

Perhaps, the President should consult with a flat earth convert in his midst, Dept. of Energy HMFIC, Steven Chu, who has appeared to submit to the reality that people really don't give a damn about sparkly, shiny new green technology when they are paying $4.50/gallon at the pump.

And as for that 2% myth the President has been peddling as an excuse to not drill: don't believe it. Known reserves are only the tip of the iceberg.

Please note that one of the sources is the very government department that appears completely dis-interested in developing this cheap and dependable energy resource.

That we would not go after that which is setting beneath us to spur economic growth that would provide the private capital to get green technology up and market-ready is near criminal.


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Road Dawg said...

But he loves me back.

I am on the Dude's email list (keep your enemies closer) and Dean occasionally gets some of the outragious email from the Obama campaign forwarded from me.... and it might be better posted to a previous blog, but since Dean is so prolific, I have to enter it here so the tactics are seen by all: Here it goes, Please don't vomit, the cheesiest of all emails, I present Michelle Obama, for a $3 lottery you may have dinner with her husband. This is also pretty brilliant fundraising.

Kent --

I see this happen a lot:

Someone in a crowd yells at my husband, "We love you, Barack."

That's when he interrupts himself, smiles really big, and says, "I love you back." And he does.

That's why Barack's dinners with supporters mean so much to him -- because they give him a chance to show it and to say thanks.

I can say from experience you won't want to miss out on the next dinner. I hope you'll consider donating $3 -- or whatever you can to support the campaign -- and be automatically entered today:

Thank you,