Friday, March 30, 2012

Nancy sez

That queasy feeling comes from realizing that the "x" button sets right next to the "z" button. Proof read before publishing... Proof read before publishing...

Just got back from sea a few hours ago so we will try to ease our way back into this.

With ObamaCare facing it's precarious moment of truth before the Supreme Court with regard to its constitutionality, said constitutionality is suddenly of great import to the Speaker of the House when ObamaCare was rammed through sideways just over two years ago.

At her weekly briefing today, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) was asked to opine on the Supreme Court proceedings on the Constitutionality of the health care law passed in 2010 when Democrats were in control of the House.

"I'm a supporter of judicial review, I honor the Constitution in that regard," Pelosi said to reporters. "That's why we wrote our bill in a way that was Constitutional. I still feel pretty confident about it. And if and when -- this game is not over. In March Madness, what happens when your team doesn't win one -- well wait a minute, let's have the game."
(italics, ours)

Funny what two years out from your party being in total control of the federal government will do for your respect for the constitution.

From 2009:

"Are you serious?"

Why, yes... Yes, we are quite serious.

Take the second quote for being how she really feels as she and her party have exhibited over and over again with a combination of hubris and utter disdain, they have no more regard for ObamaCare's constitutionality than they would a piece of burnt toast.


SarahB said...

wow...did you see how much she was blinking in the RCP clip? The old girl must be on some interesting meds! (or her face lift is falling)

Road Dawg said...

More "constitutional scholarly" idiot ramblings.