Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The economic recovery by the numbers


With a lapdog media panting over the prospects of the unemployment number holding steady at 8.3%, it begs to be revealed what some of the internal numbers are showing.

By the numbers:

49: the number of months since the country hit peak employment in January of 2008 surpassing the previous record of 47 months following the post-9/11 recession of 2001.

37: the consecutive number of months the unemployment rate has exceeded 8 percent. The longest streak in the post-WWII era.

63.9: the labor force participation rate in February - a near-historic low. Individuals who have stopped looking for work do not count toward the unemployment rate, masking the true extent of the jobs crisis.

5.4 million: the number of individuals looking for work for more than six months, double the amount from when the President took office in 2009.

8 million: the number of Americans working part-time despite wishing to work full-time.

19.1: the total underemployment rate in which Gallup combines the unemployment with underemployment and which has been steadily rising over the last several months.

14.1: the black unemployment rate which rose half a percentage point in February.

6.7 trillion: the amount of dollars the President has requested in additional deficit spending over the next decade.

229 billion: the amount of dollars to which the CBO says will be added to the deficit in February marking the 41st consecutive month the federal government has run a budget deficit. The previous longest streak was 11 months.

$45,000: the per capita debt in this country which is higher than in many of Europe's most financially distressed countries.

$1.5 million: the amount of money an American born today will be required to pay off our current national debt which is $16 trillion and growing.

For a President that employs Keynesian gimmickry to "jumpstart" the economy, that adds unneeded complexity and additional regulatory burdens to the healthcare sector, that is attempting via bureaucratic fiat to regulate that which we exhale every second of our lives, that sinks billions and billions of dollars into a cronyistic green energy loan program and who sics his Labor Bureau on an airline company who is attempting to start up a brand new manufacturing facility, just to name a few examples... is it any small wonder then that despite the terrific news that the unemployment rate did not actually go up last month, that the long-term and behind-the-scenes numbers continue to remain absolutely dreadful?


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SarahB said...

Fab stats! If candidates could stick to this list it would be cake to take Barry in Nov. But, alas...