Monday, December 3, 2012

About last night


We apparently just missed it as we were getting in the door when last night's half-time show on NBC during the Cowboys-Eagles was just wrapping up, but here's Bob Costas's little anti-gun rant we're sure you've either seen or heard about in the context of the Kansas City Chief's Jovon Belcher's murder-suicide:

Don't know if the nation could've soldiered on last night without Costas unburdening himself Whitlock's half-baked pieties and pronouncements.

And we most definitely do not know for sure if both Belcher and his girlfriend would be alive if Belcher did not have a gun.

But Costas was certainly within his right to say what he did and we are perfectly within our right to post the following:



W.C. Varones said...

We should ban the NFL instead as it's got a much higher correlation to murder than gun ownership.

Millions of American gun owners but only thousands of current and former NFL players and we've already got OJ Simpson, Rae Carruth, Anthony Wayne Smith, Ray Lewis, and Jovan Belcher... not to mention suicides like Junior Seau.

Why are we afraid to have this national conversation about the elephant in the room, the NFL?

Anonymous said...

just wondering what plaxico buress' response was....

i would say a very sizeable portion of NFL players own a legal firearm. just watch ESPN's "Broke" to find out why.