Monday, February 11, 2008

Is it Warm in Here or is it Just Us?

First off, we want to thank both B-Daddy and the Substitute for their excellent work in keeping things rolling and leaning forward while we were enjoying our Rocky Mountain beer and lifestyle extra-long weekend in West Yellowstone. The writing was superb and its always gratifying to know that we can bail for a few days and its like… its like… well, its like nothing happened at all… or something like that. Seriously, thanks guys! (And no, there is nothing to the rumor that Subby will be sent off to Barry Goldwater Day Camp at the site of the Yuma Territorial Prison for some “re-education”).

Speaking of getting caught up, we noticed we have been tagged by KT. We’ll be checking that out shortly but we surmise our Maximum Leader is going to make us put in some actual work.

That old adage of “Time away from work on vacation gets your batteries recharged so that you return to work refreshed and re-energized” never made one bit of sense to us. Always sounded like “boss-speak” or as an appropriate tag-line to a positive affirmation poster offered up by the corporate luddites at
To be perfectly honest... its not nice to be back. We were having too much damn fun to be bothered with details like work and the minutiae of miscellany like bills, relationships and other mundane crap of that nature.

A few days away from the ordinary grind always allows for some reflection and reflect we did on numerous topics. Regarding this blog though, it seems we have probably been devoting more time than we would like to politics. That can be easily rationalized as just staying current at the height of the Presidential primary season that has been the most tumultuous ever in our memory.

Fair enough perhaps, but the nagging suspicion we have is that our own “wall-to-wall” coverage is due in part because politics means too much anymore. By that we mean the “politics” as applied by the folks running for office has or will have (depending on how many campaign promises are kept) far greater impact on our lives than we desire. So forgive us our tick when we hear Hillary speak of some as-yet determined enforcement method to get everybody to sign up for healthcare.
So if we are to put up a campaign sign in our yard this coming fall, rest assured, we will be endorsing no one person but rather posting a friendly but inferred endorsement of minimalism amid our flags and star-spangled bunting: “Thanks, No. We’re, Fine”.

Helping ourselves and helping others in need was the standard M.O. this past week up in West Yellowstone and it bore out the truism that the more imminent danger is the more charitable we become towards others.


B-Daddy said...

That looks like tons o' fun. To steal from P.J. O'Rourke (who better) "What a great way to waste the environment."

Anonymous said...

What is it about those all-black outfits with the black helmet that has me thinking back to the Hummer commercial from a couple years ago with "Happy Jack"...??

- Mongo