Sunday, February 24, 2008


That’s funny…. thought we heard something. Like the screams of millions of anguished souls seeing “hope” vanish and “change” evaporate like water on blacktop in August.

Anyway, just when you thought these presidential primaries couldn’t get any wackier, the wack-meister himself, Ralph Nader, is throwing his hat into the ring as he confirmed today he will be running for President. Story here.

We guess she’s figuring that if she’s gonna lose she might as well go down swinging… and have some fun while doing so. Click here for some of Hillary mocking the Messiah and here she calls out B. Hussein on his healthcare fliers. It appears that Hillary doesn't truly believe that Obama will affect all the change he has been promising on the sheer strength of his awesomeness.

And Foxfier has linked to story on some interesting post-natal care being offered by the Dutch. Click here, por favor. It’ll make you all warm and fuzzy inside. Trust us.

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Anonymous said...

After altering the course of history for the worse in 2000, in 2004 he finished with .3% of the popular vote.

But, if the race in November is close, Nader's presence on the ballot may actually rally more Democrats to the voting booth to vote for Clinton or Obama. Nobody wants a repeat of 2000 -- and, more to the point, the ensuing 8 years.

- Mongo

J-Red said...

Yeah, one can only hope that Nader motivates more Dems to vote than he actually receives.

An Obama insider today told me that he and Hillary are huffing and puffing about Nader more than they actually fear him because Nader serves as a touchstone for Democratic hatred of Bush.

More concerning is that Hillary is in full desperation mode. They released a picture of Obama in a turban. He wore that turban on a Senate hospitality visit to Somalia, but obviously the picture does damage among those who are inclined to believe he is a Muslim.

Dean said...

Nader declared much later in '04 and was kept off the ballots in 16 states including California, Ohio and Pennsylvania by the Democrats challenging his petition signatures.

The presence of a 3rd party candidate in Perot and Nader apparently did not motivate voters of the party from which they were supposedly siphoning votes... That party lost all 3 times.

In fact, I think one can argue that Greenies and Nader supporters would be motivated themselves by what they saw as getting jobbed by the Democrats in '04.

At any rate, any way you want to slice it, its not a net positive for the Democrats.

J-red, ...Obama's Dukakis tank-boy moment? Thanks for stopping by.

Road Dawg said...

The Dawg gets to say, "told you so" The pundits need to throw out the playbook this year for the election. This will not be history or politics as usual my friends. Real life is going to make you all say, "we couldn't sell this stuff to hollywood, just too far out"

Prediction from the 'Dawg: This will get weirder. All bets are off!

Even my favorite toe-sucker is somewhat baffled by the phenom.

Dean said...

I recall the 'Dawg resigning to Hillary's coronation as a fait accompli. Did I misremember?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I stand corrected, and remember predicting further weirdness also.