Saturday, February 2, 2008

You try Explaining it.

Ogre aka Monsignor of Breweries has an item here regarding the memorial at Somerset, PA where Flight 93 crashed on 9-11. Critics of the memorial claim that several aspects of the memorial, including the overall layout are tributes to Islam.

We’re always skeptical of things like this… It seems like you can find a “red under the bed” everywhere if you look long and hard enough. But after reading the post including the attached link we're inclined to side with the critics. The legal term for our needle tipping that way is “a preponderance of circumstantial evidence”. One of these supposed tributes to Islam as stand-alone items could be explained away, perhaps, but when you start stacking them one on top of another, you couldn’t be blamed for scratching your head and wondering: “O.K. what’s really going on here?”

Of course, it could be worse. Critics could’ve divined actual crosses and tributes to Christianity in the design of the memorial instead.


Anonymous said...

Ogre's 9/11 PA plane crash site website reminds me of Bobby Buschette's "mamma"...

The Memorial Commission is THE DEVIL!!


Now come inside, Bobby, and let me brush your hair.

Oliver Stone would be proud, though.

- Mongo

Ogre said...

Well, you know those evil "intersections" sure do look like Christ's cross a bit, don't they? ;)

Thanks for the link!

K T Cat said...

I love this cross-fertilization within the Theocracy.


Dean said...

With the emphasis on the fertilizer...