Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We'd Like to Reconsider

In a previous post of places we would like to hang for various amounts of time, one of our selections was an October in SEC country. In making this choice, we neglected to fully appreciate the opportunity to rub elbows with the other half of John Edwards' two Americas that this would potentially provide.

Good Lord. The shag pennant. The Probe masking as an IROC. The reflective shades. The ill-kept ‘chu and of course, the mullet….. THAT’s what we’ll have to deal with during our visit to Rocky Top?

Photo above is courtesy Losers with Socks. Of all the blog genres out there, we’re of the opinion that, by far, the most outrageous and most entertaining are the college football blogs. We’re predisposed to think that way to a certain degree because of our love for the game but it goes beyond that. The passion is undeniable and any time you can bring that fire and combine it with a lot of free time in the folk’s basement, superior photoshopping skills and the best fart jokes…. qualities all possessed in abundance by under-employed twenty and thirty-somethings… then you’ve got a shot at a decent college football blog. Our faves are linked to on the right-hand margin.


Anonymous said...

I can just see what the poor guy who ended up sitting next to the guy pictured was thinking:

107,000 people in Neyland Stadium and I end up having to spend the next 3 1/2 hours with this guy.

Wonder if he made the trip out to Berkeley last September. - Mongo

Dean said...

He did. Tried to light the expansion-imperiled trees outside the stadium on fire. Was subsequently harassed into lesbianism by Code Pink shortly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Heath Shuler's got himself a nice 'do for his congressional run.

Anonymous said...

Let's go a few miles outside of Florence near Dillon. Twenty years ago; still hunting bear with single shot cap and ball, (no season) trading tobacco and weed, moonshine stills, catfish ponds (my favorite) and taking care of your ticket by means of a twenty dollar bill to the officer in charge, "have a nice day boys, be careful in Myrtle Beach, the cops are hard asses down there!"

They might have the internet down there now, but demographics change slower.

Lucius Clay