Saturday, October 24, 2009

College football Saturday open thread

What mid-season lull?

There’s a reason why the term “dog days of August” is in reference to baseball. No such with college football. Again, great matchups abound across the fruited plain.

USC gets to exact some revenge against Oregon St. who has twice in the last 4 seasons represented the in-conference toe-stubbers that have thwarted the Trojans BCS title hopes.

Undefeated TCU (#10) goes on the road to BYU (#16) in one of those BCS-buster games.

San Diego native and freshmen QB Tate Forcier (pictured) leads his Michigan Wolverines hosting (#13) Penn St. at the Big House.

Touchdown Jesus will witness the Domers taking on the hated little Catholics of Boston College.

We’re probably out for the rest of the day so enjoy your college football Saturday.


B-Daddy said...

No love for Navy, now 6-2, despite losing their starting quarterback?

Great quote from the sophomore quarterback Kriss Proctor, who had ZERO pass attempts in the win over Wake Forest:

“We did have a few pass plays called,” Proctor said, “but I couldn’t get a grip on the ball, so I just ran it.”

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