Monday, October 12, 2009

Inconvenient questions

Al Gore’s a busy man. When he’s not securing hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars to fund a car company he backs, he’s continuing to not answer questions regarding the errors in his movie An Inconvenient Truth.

One would’ve hoped for a little more transparency from a Government Sponsored Entity as Mr. Gore. And we’re sure that the irony of the mic getting cut at a convention of journalists was not lost on you… a convention that spent much of its time devoted to the question of why journalism is dying.


Road Dawg said...

The student who took the photograph, however, gives a slightly different account: ‘They were on the ice when we found them and on the ice when we left. They were healthy, fat and seemed comfortable on their iceberg.’

Furthermore, the photographer wasn't even asked permission:

Byrd is clearly a little miffed that ‘the image you have seen around the world was distributed without my consent, and [with] the wrong byline’.

Q "Hoax, BS, Fraud, Deception"?

A Things that accurately describe AGW!

Fat-Head Gore sure stuttered and stammered when put on the spot.

SarahB said...

Good thing Gore is so practiced in plastic expressions during embarrassing moments from his Clinton years.

Now you are going to have to come to the documentary screening on Sunday!

Harrison said...

I saw this story and video. Al Gore's knowledge is about ten miles wide and half an inch deep. He has never agreed to debate anybody about his movie or its assertions because he would be destroyed in about 5 seconds. He is a hypocrite.