Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Release the Hounds!

When Medea Benjamin stood up in a Kabul meeting hall this weekend to ask Masooda Jalal if she would prefer more international troops or more development funds, the cofounder of US antiwar group Code Pink was hoping her fellow activist would support her call for US troop withdrawal.

She was disappointed.

Ms. Jalhal, the former Afghan minister of women, bluntly told her both were needed. "It is good for Afghanistan to have more troops – more troops committed with the aim of building peace and against war, terrorism, and security – along with other resources," she answered. "Coming together they will help with better reconstruction."

Code Pink, founded in 2002 to oppose the US invasion of Iraq, is one of the more high-profile women's antiwar groups being forced to rethink its position as Afghan women explain theirs: Without international troops, they say, armed groups could return with a vengeance – and that would leave women most vulnerable.

Though Afghans have their grievances against the international troops' presence, chief among them civilian casualties, many fear an abrupt departure would create a dangerous security vacuum to be filled by predatory and rapacious militias. Many women, primary victims of such groups in the past, are adamant that international troops stay until a sufficient number of local forces are trained and the rule of law established.

Mr. President, when you start losing Code Pink, it might be a signal that it is time for action regarding Afghanistan.

We never actually thought we would say this but we commend Code Pink for actually paying some lip service to the women of Afghanistan as the feminist movement as a whole has been an abject failure in defending the rights of women in the Islamic world due to their collective anti-American and/or anti-Western blind spots.


Harrison said...

Shameful banner!

SarahB said...

Nothing like pitting liberal ideal against each other...let the games begin!