Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quote of the day (UPDATED)

“Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes are geniuses: They found a niche market — half of America.”

- Charles Krauthammer

Over at frequent commenter Harrison’s blog Just Politics? he has side by side debate going with Joseph of Let’s Talk Politics regarding Fox News and which can be found here.

As the White House continues its absurd, counter-productive and disappointing war of words with Fox News, we’ve seen the phrase “truth/reality has a liberal bias” suddenly blast upon the scene hoisted aloft by defenders of Big Media who appear offended that a singular network among dozens and dozens of major news outlets could so deviously formulate a format that results in ratings that are kicking everyone else’s ass.

Wasn’t it the liberal-Left that leveled the charge of “moral certainty” at President Bush and counted it as perhaps his biggest sin? Isn’t viewing the world in an entirely black and white manner one of the major faults of conservatism and that it isn’t sufficiently nuanced?

How then is this term “truth has a liberal bias” really any different than the shortcomings liberals see in Bush and conservatives?

And back to the White House vs. Fox… wouldn’t you think that the rest of Big Media would be the slightest bit embarrassed by the implication that they are BFF with the Obama administration simply because they aren’t Fox News and the administration isn’t including anyone else in their ranks in which to whine about?

H/T: NRO's The Corner

(UPDATE #1):

What we're facing now is a drive for a real one party press, not through free expression but through open intimidation by the top officials of our government... I cannot help but wonder what the substantive difference is between the administration's position and that in practice in the Soviet Union.

Who said it? Rush? Hannity? Beck? Nope, nada and nyet (although, the present-tense to which the Soviet Union is referred kind of gives it away as a dated quote).

The above is a quote from Norman Isaacs who was the president of the American Society of Newspaper Editors and it was in response to what they felt was President Nixon’s and vice-President Spiro “nattering nabobs of negativity” T. Agnew’s attempt to chill free speech in the press back in the early 70s.


Harrison said...

Thanks for the plug. The Fox fight is only going to end badly for Obama.

K T Cat said...


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

*falls down laughing* BWAHAHA!

Betcha this goes over as well as "reality-based community"....

Just remember: if you were sane, reasonable and intelligent, you'd agree with them!

Road Dawg said...

Harrison is right, and it will end very nicely for Fox.