Monday, October 5, 2009

If it can happen in L.A., it can happen anywhere.

We’re a little late to the party on this one and we take full blame for it but we will cop also to the plea of undercoverage because this did seem to fly under the radar a bit.

We blogged previously on the successful efforts to make Locke High School in Los Angeles a charter school ( clip on same subject is contained in post) and just a little over a month ago the L.A. Unified School District board voted 6-1 to pass a resolution that would make 250 of LAUSD’s 800 schools eligible to become charter schools which covers here.

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This is nothing short of astounding. If the L.A. political structure, the very picture of statist conformist thinking can commit to this bold maneuver there is no telling what future possibilities are in store. Then again, maybe this speaks to the abject wretchedness of the L.A. schools that the school board essentially threw up its hands as if saying, “well, nothing else has worked”. A victory, no matter.

We also would like to note (again) how the Republicans are letting a golden opportunity slip away by not getting out in front of this growing movement. We are advised non-stop by poltical players and pundits that the party needs to quit being so white and that it needs to reach out to minorities. OK. Sure. But when the strategy is revealed as to how “we” Republicans are to go about doing it, it inevitably leads to embracing amnesty for illegal aliens. That’s the big idea?

We will say again that championing the charter school movement is a political as well as a societal winner as it will demonstrate a commitment to the education of minority youths of which their voting-aged parents seem to support in by solid majorities.

That the GOP would have the common sense to act upon such an opening.

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B-Daddy said...

Great post Dean. Stinking Democrats must really hate the poor, but they never admit it. They oppose school choice, cap and trade hurts the poor, they opposed welfare reform, the list goes on.