Friday, October 23, 2009

So this is what post-partisan hope and change looks like

Unbelievable. We wish. This is truly some banana republic bull-shit we are witnessing. We really could go for some "fairness" and "neutrality" about now.

If you told us six months ago something like this would happen, we’d have told you that you were nuts and would’ve asked to see your Birther I.D. card.

Yeah, the administration’s policies are definitely not to our liking but barring an entire news organization? Dude, that is just straight-up whack.

Here’s what we think is going on: Obama, the politician has never had his politics or his world view challenged in any serious way and certainly not opposed to in the way it has been recently. So with no prior experience in how to respond to this withering criticism, he’s lost – he doesn’t know how to respond.

Into this response decision vacuum steps Axelrod and Emanuel. They know how to respond. In fact, "know", is inaccurate because their response is completely reflexive in nature: Attack!

Attack, Attack, Attack! Attack 24/7. And when you are done attacking, attack some more! And when the opponent appears to be tiring or even vanquished, Attack! And when you have finally destroyed the opposition and there is nothing left of it but a smoldering, wimpering heap of crushed beliefs and ideology, you… Attack!

And even when your attack causes you to lose credibility with the masses and even an entity that carried you across the finish line on its collective shoulders, you…. Attack!

They don’t know anything else. What we are witnessing is the political personification of the scorpion and the frog.

The administration is losing its ass, losing credibility, getting pounded in the polls and generally looking like a spiteful central American junta and yet they keep plunging that stinger into the back of the frog.

We’ve never seen anything like it.


B-Daddy said...

Glad to see ABC, et al, taking the longer view of this. No doubt in my mind that Fox would stand by ABC if the boot were on the the foot. Also, being seen as the lapdog of the administration can't be good for ratings, so I believe there was a good business reason for the other networks to take this position.

The bulls*** from the left that this is morally equivalent to what Bush did, is morally repulsive, as well. As KT discussed with me, someone in the WH must own a lot of Fox shares, because this can only boost their ratings.

K T Cat said...

As soon as the networks banded together, this war was lost for the Administration. All they can do now is keep losing or just quietly quit the game.

Teresa said...

First, ABC stands up to clown boy Gibbs, and asks what makes Fox News not a news organization. Gibbs answer was stunning-opinion. So, the Obama administration's opinion is considered fact. How ludicrous. I loved how all the news networks banded together and totally screwed up Obama's plan to exclude and single out Fox news.

Road Dawg said...

I've been watching Fox & Friends in the wee hours, and they have been reveling in this since it's inception. Seriously... pure joy.

So did ABC et al do it for ethics, see the writing on the wall, or maybe trying to get some coatails?