Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like fish in a barrel.

Separately, the White House Thursday released a report estimating that 30,000 jobs have been directly created or saved by contractors who received money from the $787 billion stimulus package for infrastructure and social programs. Those companies had been awarded about $16 billion, of which they had spent $2 billion, by the beginning of this month, according to the report by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which oversees how the stimulus plan is carried out.

The Obama administration has labored to explain how the job numbers reported by contractors square with a projection from the Council of Economic Advisers that the overall package kept one million jobs in the economy in August that would otherwise have been lost.

(italics, ours)

labored... get it?

But 33,000 jobs? After all the hoopla and the sweeping rhetoric about how stimulus was going to be a "jolt to the economy" and all we have to show for it is 33,000 stinking jobs? Good grief. We predicted porkulus would be a flop but never in our wildest imagination did we expect it to be such the abject failure of monumental proportions that the numbers are revealing.

We suppose the good news is that we have only allotted $16 billion and have actually only blown through $2 bil of the $787 billion in porkulus. We can still pull the plug on this thing.

Anecdotal but certainly backed up now by the numbers: The picture above is representative of what we saw throughout Colorado on our roadie last month and what did these signs have to show for it?

C'mon BwD, you're just cherry-picking photos of workers just standing around?

We would be guilty of cherry-picking photos if there were some more actual workers out on the road. Nearly 150 miles of SR 470 and I-70 were littered with Warning: porkulus ahead signs and a grand total of 2 work crews (including the one pictured) were witnessed.


SarahB said...

LOL! I think a portion of the new jobs goes to the sign makers.

Road Dawg said...

33,000 jobs? That's not alot? Seems like alot to me, we just got our first new cop cars. Good Job, Mr. President!

Can you believe some of the thinking in my neighborhood?
Where are yours?!?!?!??!

Sorry I missed Sarah B at Holy Foods. I would have been the other dude w/ viva la Reagan t-shirt. Tried to comment on her blog, but was blocked.

Harrison said...

One has to wonder how cooked these figures are. I read that many of the construction jobs were already on the books just waiting for funding to flush in.

SarahB said...

Dawg...I did not try to block you!!! I either missed that email or I inadvertently hit the wrong link. Two toddlers makes me clumsy!

See you at the next one...hopefully with the bitchen' Reagan shirt!

eriehm said...

The picture of the workers standing by the road brought back an acronym of the great depression. WPA popularly stood for We Putter Around. The History Channel had a lengthy program on FDR yesterday. Caught one portion which talked about the WPA projects. Hundreds of parks were being built, hundreds of schools were being built,…, but the unemployment rate continued to hang around 15%. The WPA projects were sucking the live out of private section and their ability to create jobs. Sound familiar. In looking at the jobs supposedly saved in CA, I couldn’t see any in the private section. Most were folks that would have laid off due to the ineptitude in Sacramento. Dad

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