Friday, July 2, 2010

Bad habits are those of other people

So, what does your favorite author say about you?

Awesome. We really don't care if others are smoking around us. Don't indulge, ourselves, but we're at the point in Nanny State America where we take a measure of voyeuristic pleasure in this now-subversive activity*.

* You'll have to scroll to the bottom of the linked post for the revelation.

H/T: Instaglen


Mutnodjmet said...

My favorite author is H. Rider Haggard. I surprised they don't have my second choice, Michael Crichton. Ann Rice is the only author listed whose works I really know and enjoy -- but I do have well conditioned hair. I am still recovering from the forced reading of JD Salinger I had to do in high school - yuck!

B-Daddy said...

Workaholic? Moi?