Saturday, July 3, 2010

Your (semi-)daily World Cup update

OK. We're lazy. Sue us.

We're almost out the door for the Germany vs. Argentina match so just consider this an open thread to express any and all opinions as seen fit.

Exit question: Do we pull for Germany as a matter of heritage or Argentina because their coach, Diego Maradona is... well, let's just say that win or lose, if we picked up the paper tomorrow and found out Maradona was arrested in his hotel room with 4 strippers and a mound of coke on the coffee table, we would not be surprised.

It's all family viewing from here on out, though:

Here's Maradona's infamous "Hand of God" goal against England in the quarters of the '86 World Cup.

And against that same England in the same match, his "Goal of the Century".

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K T Cat said...

I missed Germany's first goal because I didn't realize the game was being carried on ABC instead of ESPN. I saw the other three, though. The Germans have an awesome fast break capability. I loved it.

My dream finals is Germany vs. Uruguay. I thought that Ghana was totally robbed by those cheating creeps from Uruguay. I'd love to see Germany thump them 8-0.