Friday, July 9, 2010

Radio KBwD is on the air

When he was just a rambunctious young lad attending St. Peter's Secondary School in Witbank, South Africa, his exasperated chaplain, Archbishop Trevor Huddleston asked him, "What do I need to do to keep you out of trouble?" "I want a trumpet" was the reply.

Huddleston got him the trumpet as well as some playing lessons for him and some of his schoolmates who then formed the Huddleston Jazz Band, South Africa's first youth chorus.

In honor of the host nation of the World Cup, Ladies and Gentlemen, its Hugh Masekela, performing "Grazing in the Grass"

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Road Dawg said...

Can he play the vuvuzela? This was good stuff you hear as bumper music. Good to hear it through. Can anyone tell me where I have heard in a commercial or bumper music?