Sunday, July 25, 2010

A play-doh offensive update

It's pretty simple. Get yourself to the post office and pick up a 12"x12"x5" military flat rate box and then to your neighborhood Target, Long's Drugs, Walmart, whatever and fill it with school supplies and clothing. Crap that you probably hated getting for Christmas but would definitely make the day for a child in Afghanistan. OK, you can throw some toys in there also so that Afghani kid doesn't think Americans are a bunch of cheerless Scrooges.*

Said box will be sent to Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan where our troops will distribute these boxes and others like it to schools, villages and clinics in and around the Kabul area.

Our buddy Mongo has set up a FaceBook group with the details including the address/mailing information, here.

Other updates can be found here.

Supporting the troops is more than a bumper sticker.

* A colleague at work who has returned from Afghanistan working as a community affairs officer told us that while there is no shortage of soccer balls, what is really appreciated is pumps to keep them inflated. Just a hint.


Anonymous said...


Camp Phoenix FINALLY has their own Operation Outreach website!/pages/Operation-Outreach-Afghanistan/119521678078139?ref=mf

So mine is being shuttered. No way I can compete with first-hand boots on the ground knowledge! Just check out the photos they posted -- those of the troops busting open Flat Rate boxes, and especially those of the adorable kids there!

I can't compete with that! :0) Will leave mine up as a placemarker with link to the new site. Plus, I don't think the folks there have put up an Operation Outreach mailing address yet -- That you can find still on my site.

Fill those boxes, folks!!

- Mongo

Dean said...

Thanks, Mongo.