Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Cowles Mountain Corollary

Last month we were hiking up Cowles Mountain here in San Diego and observed something that concerned us and has us doubting we'll ever hike up Cowles Mountain again and, in fact, we may even speak out against hiking Cowles Mountain.

It all has to do with the people that hike that trail to the summit which is the highest in the city of San Diego and it has to do with the type of people they are. You see, the people that hike up Cowles Mountain are overwhelmingly white. Sure, there are a few Asians, Hispanics and even some blacks sprinkled into the mix but it's a decidedly monochromatic crew that is nearly void of any Aleutians. We don't think we need to remind anybody of what it says about a group that does not have sufficient representation of Aleutians as determined by the ubiquitous "they".

We are ashamed we did not come to this realization sooner. It never occurred to us the significance of the transgression with whom we might be consorting and it took days of soul-searching to ensure ourselves our hearts did not harbor the same sentiments of these so-called "hikers".

Looking back on it now, we're disgusted. If you're asking.... no, we never did wear a fanny pack but for a couple times a month we took up with these extremists and their SPF 30 and walking sticks. Walking sticks! A sure sign. Some tried to disguise themselves with pony-tails or even tie-die t-shirts but we know better now.

Having said that, we are renouncing Cowles Mountain hiking activities and the regular meetings that occur there on Saturdays, Sundays and the weekday late afternoons and evenings. It's high time to recognize these people for what they are. Hiking while white can no longer be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about whites, Hispanics, Ethiopians, Aleutians, et al., up and down the Cowles Mtn trail -- nor do I care.

As far as I'm concerned, there are just two types of people up and down that trail (and any other heavily-used trail): Those that cut corners -- thereby contributing to erosion of the mountain -- and those that don't.

There must be at least a dozen occasions every time I'm on Cowles of people cutting across and wearing vertical paths. What's the hurry? Enjoy it, don't destroy it!

Jeff said...

You should try the sticks. If used correctly you will be in four wheel drive working your whole body around the switch backs. blasting the Mountain the long way, readying for the Rockies.

W.C. Varones said...

Cowles Mountain?

You should see the Klan at Journolist.

Anonymous said...

Have you lost your mind? I'm sure the hated white people have not colluded to invade Cowles Mountan. I am so tired of all this anti white b.s. Who the heck cares what color a person's skin is?! Stop being racist and enjoy hiking with good people regardless of the color of their skin.