Thursday, July 15, 2010

Terrorism: Exposed!

If the adage holds true where the charge of racism signifies you are losing the debate, then this can't be good news.

In an interview earlier today with the South African Broadcasting Corporation to air in a few hours, President Obama disparaged al Qaeda and affiliated groups' willingness to kill Africans in a manner that White House aides say was an argument that the terrorist groups are racist.

Speaking about the Uganda bombings, the president said, "What you've seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself. They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains."

(italics, ours)

Then again, perhaps this means this administration is getting serious about the threat and will soon have that miserable hack that runs the Justice Department on the case. Don't you feel so much safer?


Harrison said...

Oh no not racism from al Qaeda! I'm sure Osama will get a good laugh from that. Obama might even sick Holder on them!

Road Dawg said...

Can we call them hate crimes now and really go after them? Maybe we can sue them civilly for not allowing the hard working African Americans to get past the alQaeda glass ceiling.