Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank goodness, "justice" is here.

Remember these charming lads outside a polling location in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential elections?

Of course you do as they are quite the celebrities now that their voter intimidation case that was all but won by Department of Justice career lawyers, was ordered dropped by political appointees higher up in the food chain at Justice.

One of the lawyers involved with the case, J. Christian Adams, resigned in protest because of the actions of his higher ups. His resignation letter can be found here. Among Adams' claims is that the Department of Justice has no interest in pursuing voting rights violations if it concerns white defendants.

Prior to this, we had been all over Justice Department shenanigans, in particular, the dubious firing of Inspector General, Gerald Walpin. We've been slacking lately and not for really good reason which we will get to later.

First, Michelle Malkin has a great round-up of Justice transgressions under the leadership of the miserable hack that runs that department, here.

Dropping the voter intimidation case, Walpin, the stupendously crappy idea of wanting to try KSM in Manhattan, the bizarre decision to meddle in the voting affairs of Kinston, NC so that black voters would better be able to identify Democrats, the one-man, six-vote program for a town in New York state which we covered here, the decision to bring suit against Arizona over their illegal immigration law which countermands Justice's own policy... it's all there.

Suffice to say, it's time for Holder to go and go now.

There is a term the NCAA uses when a college or university athletic program has been found guilty of numerous and wide-ranging rules infractions that suggest that no one is minding the store and that there is a lack of oversight at that school. It's called lack of institutional control.

This would not apply to Holder's Justice Department. His are not sins of omission but rather commission as he is clearly driving an agenda of which he is fully cognizant. He is most certainly in control.

But back to why we've been slacking with respect to covering the biggest hack of recent presidential administration history. Dude's worn us out. He's beaten us down with a dunning of incompetence and his stark leftist, identity-politics driven agenda. Day after day, it seems there is something else this man and his fellow appointees are scheming towards and it just got downright exhausting trying to keep up. Look at that incomplete list above: all that in a mere 18 months!

We're back though, feeling refreshed and ready to to talk to these people we need to talk to so we know whose ass to kick.

After this, click on over to Temple of Mut who has a comprehensive piece on alleged Obama voter intimidation tactics plus testimonial from civil rights veteran, Bull Bartle, who witnessed the New Black Panther chaps in Philly in '08 and did not frame the encounter in the most of flattering lights.


K T Cat said...

I dunno, it sounds like there's been quite a bit of institutional control.

Mutnodjmet said...

Thanks for the link. I find it heartening that the St. Louis Tea Party preempted the NAACP resolution by blasting the NAACP is racists. The entire internet dialog on most sites is now turned squarely against the victocrat group.

It is as I always say: Live by the Alinsky rules, die by the Alinsky rules.

Harrison said...

Talk about turning a blind eye!

Dean said...

KT, re-read the applicable paragraph. We are in violent agreement.