Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Camping in San Diego

We ran this over the weekend when readership was a little low. We're re-posting with that in mind and the fact that it's a big day at work with the delivery of the USNS CHARLES DREW (T-AKE 10) and we may be pressed for time.

Via our buddy, KT

San Diegans are an outdoorsy lot by nature, as such, we love camping out in many of the designated areas for that activity in San Diego county. We say designated, because though the county is home to many beautiful urban and sub-urban canyons and open spaces, it's probably good that the city fathers keep those places off-limits as people's homes are usually nearby.

No need to risk wildfires started by campfires or stoves and campfire smack might get a little too noisy for homeowners. And speaking of smack, if our camping activities also included getting high that might prove to be a problem. And then if we ever thought about bringing hookers, some of them even under-aged, well then, the whole camping concept kind of loses its family-oriented theme.

So, its probably a good idea that places like Rose, Zena and Tecolote Canyons are denied usage for camping. Well, denied unless you are part of a politically-protected class of individuals

:45... How about your house, sweetie?

1:14... The police have no interest in upholding the law here. And memo to you open border twits: California state law is explicit in its direction that local law enforcement work with the feds in cleaning up situations just like this. So, Captain Boyd your worries that you would just be turning them out onto the street are completely unfounded. You'd be the first step in turning them out to the country of origin.

1:25... No, they are not "honest". They are breaking several federal and municipal laws by being where they are in that canyon.

1:38... It is a quality of life issue and who are the compassionate ones that aid and abet these squalourous conditions?

1:51... Oops. Reporter completely bungs-up the narrative by calling it an "illegal village". How'd that slip by editing?

2:01... Wishing to see the law enforced is now deemed "pushing" a political view.

2:20... How many folks that usually do this sort of positive and civic-minded activity do you think this guy will be able to round up for this particular clean-up?

Environmental and safety issues, drugs and prostitution... What's not to love about all that? Of course, this is all made possible because our leaders lack the testicular fortitude to carry out the law of the land.

When it is said, all men are created equal, we guess some men are created just a little more equal than the rest of us.


K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link! As your fisking shows, there's an interesting substory here about all of the false beliefs held by the reporters and interviewees. To me, the biggest of all was the class warfare angle. Somehow we were supposed to shake our heads in disapproval at the people with the nice houses. Never mind the fact that nice houses are the reward for inventing and bringing to market such things as cameras, microphones, cars, satellite links, Kevlar vests ...

They take for granted the people they despise.

SarahB said...

arg...when is the city going to grow some balls? The illegal community is very good at renting out every room in a legit house to others. These people live like this because they WANT to. If they wanted a room in a house or apartment they would could have them.