Thursday, July 29, 2010


The citizens of Bell, CA, a city a few miles to the Southeast of downtown Los Angeles haven't taken kindly to the fact that some of their elected officials are pulling down salaries over $700,000.

Here's where we refrain from some snark regarding the racist elements of this mob.

Everything you saw and heard in that video rang familiar, did it not? The people are righteously exercised and for good cause.

"We have a historic moment right now to make change, do it right and have it replicated across the U.S."

It appears these folks are being quite ungovernable, no?

P.S. Thinking aloud: A large protest/rally in a working class community and who/what isn't present? It's hard to imagine the mayor and city manager, among others, were pulling down those salaries without some leverage.

H/T: Instaglen

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Road Dawg said...

It was nice to see the politician's "run out on a rail" so to speak. Let's make it a movement!