Sunday, July 18, 2010


A round-up of articles, columns and blog posts that caught our eye this past week:

Left Coast Rebel has the details on yet more racism within the tea party movement, here.

So let's get this straight: The Feds raid work places and turn the illegals they find out onto the street without deporting them. Now we have illegals roaming around without any means of supporting themselves. How's that for compassion? B-Daddy has more on the incoherency of our federal immigration policy.

Guardian columnist thinks George Steinbrenner was like the Iraq War or something.

And WaPo columnist whines that we really do need the estate tax because... the government needs the money.

Charles Krauthammer on the Wall St. reform bill:

Well, the place to start when asking what it means is to see what Senator Dodd, the chairman, the author of this said a month ago about the bill: "This is about as important as it gets. It deals with every aspect of our lives." And then he adds: "No one will know until this actually is in place how it works." Well, that gives you a lot of confidence!

The fact is there are hundreds of regulations that are going to be as a result of the bill that have not been written. They are going to be lobbied and litigated. The big banks who have the big lobby operations and the big lawyering operations are going to have the upper hand here. Every comma, every adjective will carry hundreds of billions of dollars worth of importance over time.

(itlalics, ours)

If you aren't at the table then you are on the menu.

The more we read of and about this bill, the more we are convinced that it has less to do with actual reform and more to do with the further entrenchment of crony capitalism, corporatism, carve-outs and any number of other alliterative maladies.
A fitting way to end his Congressional career for Chris Dodd, we think we all could agree.

And finally, the question if unions will ever abide by any degree of outsourcing is answered:

Billy Raye, a 51-year-old unemployed bike courier, is looking for work.

Fortunately for him, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters is seeking paid demonstrators to march and chant in its current picket line outside the McPherson Building, an office complex here where the council says work is being done with nonunion labor.


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