Sunday, May 15, 2011

At last...

(Another re-published post that appeared briefly on Thursday before the great Blogger meltdown of May 2012)

Thank goodness. It looks like Sacramento legislators here in California are finally going to roll up their sleaves and get down to solving the issues that are plaguing the Golden State like high unemployment, budget deficits and state-employee pension liabilities, right?


Chances are, the last time you flopped down on one of those lush hotel beds, replete with a pillow-top mattress, high thread-count sheets, down comforter and mounds of fluffy pillows, you weren’t wondering, flat — or fitted.

Yet, that’s at the core of a debate that will consume state legislators beginning next Monday when a committee will ponder a labor union-backed bill mandating the use of fitted bottom sheets in all hotel rooms.

The way union leaders see it, such sheets – common in households across America but far less so in hotels – will help ease the backbreaking work that defines a housekeeper’s job. Hoteliers, who say the mandate could cost the industry $20 million statewide, call it a ridiculous, unnecessary piece of legislation that is sidetracking politicians from far more pressing work like balancing the state budget.

The bill, SB 432 is backed by the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, which works on behalf of UNITE HERE, the hotel workers union.

Wouldn't getting fitted sheets be a concession for which you negotiate the next time the contract expires rather than taking up legislative time?

We will never... never shill for the Republican Party in neither general nor specific terms but we continue to be amazed regarding the level of unseriousness exhibited time after time by the Democratic party (OK, we'll grant you Constitutional flag-burning amendment attempts trotted out every once in a while by the GOP).

At least the Republicans are attempting or at least accused of serious albeit evil stuff.

The Republicans are trying to kill Medicare! The Republicans are trying to dismantle the social safety net! The Republicans are shredding the Constitution! The Republicans... the.. the Republicans are drowning little baby kittens on Gun Smoke!
It's serious, man!

But fitted sheets? Yeah.


drozz said...

unions dictating the way a business is run. harrison had a great post about this issue the other day.

Harrison said...

Fitted sheets... yes I read this today and couldn't believe it. If you become a housekeeper one would presume a strong back would be obvious.

Businesses in California have their beds made every day by lawmakers in Sacramento. We, the taxpayers, have to lay in it everyday.