Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reason #56 why a constitutional flag-burning amendment is unnecessary...

... because you might get your ass kicked.

Agree or disagree with some of the tactics employed here, this illustrates perfectly what cheap grandstanding it is when Republican pols trot out their flag-burning ban initiatives every few years.

Maybe that idiot would have had better luck up at, say, UMass Amherst... but LSU?


SarahB said...

How much did those cops hate having to protect that brain donor?

drozz said...

time was, a good flag burnin' would earn you stick time with your local police officer and popularity at the college.

now? you need police protection and your fellow students pelt you with water baloons. absolutely no street cred left in burning the flag.

still popular on foreign campuses, though.

Harrison said...

If you want to burn it (and have the permit) go for it.