Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wrapping up

Just a few more thoughts on what has gone down over the past couple of days.

Former Journolister, Dave Weigel tweets:

So, uh, who wants to run against this guy? You take this one, Buddy Roemer.

Funny thing is, when we woke up this morning, Osama bin Laden was still dead and gas was still way above that you're-probably-not-getting-re-elected Mendoza line of $4.

It was said that the President was very engaged in supervising and monitoring this operation which is terrific news. But whether it's pirates on the high seas or Gaddafi (and his son, apparently) and now, Osama bin Laden, why does it seem the Commander-in-Chief is most locked-in when it involves wacking people? Is it a Chicago thing?

Hey, don't get us wrong, it's just that we never thought that this Nobel Peace Prize winner would turn out to be such a stone cold killer. No one wants to talk about any of that fey healing the planet crap, now, do they?

And just when unsavory counter-terrorism practices like enhanced interrogation, renditions and, ahem, assassinations seemed so 2003, they're suddenly all the rage again and it would be the height of ingratitude and cheap politicization to not recognize President Obama for it.

So, with the President vowing, out on the campaign trail in '08, to bring bin Laden to justice, he has now fulfilled two major campaign promises.

Downloads of the image below can be found, here.

All snark aside, this has been a tremendous success for President Obama, President Bush and America.


SarahB said...

I never thought of it that way...yah, guess he might be more sincere than we thought.

SarahB said...

curious to see if this turns out to be true (cause it would make more sense)...

Harrison said...

Sometimes when a politicians sticks to their promises it's bad for everybody.