Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some more (OBL) wrapping up

Forget Nixon going to China - Only Obama can wack OBL and Gaddafi.

Here's Victor Davis Hanson:

I think there will be repercussions from the hit, and most of them will turn out to be good in terms of the War on Terror.

1) The world must now realize that the domestic antiwar movement is dead, kaput; it cares not a whit whether we assassinate bin Laden or a son of Qaddafi or go into Libya. Everything is on the table now and there are no self-restraints, no snickers on The Daily Show, no quirky insider winks on Letterman, no Barbara Streisand crazy faxes. A Nobel peace laureate is now the Left’s totem and he can send quite deadly Americans on quite deadly missions as he sees fit — and without worry about a New York Times op-ed barrage or an ACLU lawsuit. That gives the U.S. newfound advantages, a veritable blank check, from keeping Guantanamo open indefinitely to using a Cheney “assassination” team and valuable water-boarded intelligence wherever it wishes to. A Harold Koh is not going to be filing any more lawsuits against his government — he is the government.

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Yeah, we suppose we won't here more than a peep from his base. Besides, when it's your boy having all this power it's like, cool.

First, it was the Truthers, then it was the Birthers and now we have a new doubting Thomas brigade with the Deathers who are demanding evidence of bin Laden's downfall. As it is then, can we really trust those war room photos or was that photo-op all part of an elaborate ruse?

And what do you think they were talking about?

They did say the President was very hands-on in this operation, after all.

But we suspect it was actually Chloe that was dialing everything in.

For more photo-shopping fun, go here.

Left Coast Rebel has photos of the OBL compound after the deal went down, here.

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SarahB said...

those are awesome! Biden's 'hey-can-we-get-a-beer-after-this' expression is crying out for captions.