Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lesson (hopefully) Learned

Rich Lowry from NRO:

If bin Laden truly believed we’d curl up in a fetal position after September 11, or we’d ever stop hunting him, he profoundly misjudged our national character. Our manhunt for him was relentless and meticulous, building rather than winding down over the years, as we slowly put together the pieces to track down his courier and then him.

The effort stretched across two administrations, with both George W. Bush and Obama making contributions. The much-reviled interrogation program at Guantanamo Bay turned up crucial information, and to his credit, Obama ordered a risky, honest-to-goodness raid of bin Laden’s compound for the sake of definitiveness.

Its success was met with spontaneous celebrations recalling the sense of unity we briefly had after 9/11. President Bush eventually regretted saying he wanted bin Laden “dead or alive.” In the relief and joy at the terror mastermind’s dispatch, though, it seemed Bush had gotten American sentiment about right. There’s enough Jacksonianism left in this country that we can relish some old-fashioned score-settling. As one jubilant handmade sign said outside the White House, “Osama bin gotten.”
(Italics, ours)

We cannot emphasize enough why this is so important: Don't (mess) with us. Do. not. (mess). with. us. Because if you do, you saw what is going to happen. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month and maybe not even next year. It will eventually happen. Whether it's a Republican or Democrat in the Oval Office or whether he is a community organizer from Chicago or a drawlin' son of priviledge from Texas, they are going to see through to a rather unseemly end to your existence whereby a group of the roughest, glass-chewing, steel-spitting SOBs on the face of the planet are literally going to drop from out of the sky, pop smoke, Ninja-style in the middle of your bedroom and pump enough lead into your soon-to-be bullet-ravaged corpse to open us strip mining operations and then spirit you out with them only to be dumped unceremoniously in the middle of the ocean to sleep with the fish.

You think al-Zawahiri has got much sleep, lately? We don't.


B-Daddy said...

Well said. The continuity between administrations is especially important as marker of our national unity and resolve. Hey there might be something to this democracy stuff after all.

Road Dawg said...

Our president kept a steely demeanor, seems to have a different view from the driver's seat

drozz said...
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drozz said...

@RD-he took 16 hours to make the decision. not exactly a steely demeanor.

but hey, he's dead. personally, i would have fed his body to the pigs.

SarahB said...

The stamina issue is probably the single most important lesson of this whole episode. So much has been made of how patient the radical Islamists can be. I don't think the world really thought we could be too.