Sunday, May 1, 2011

Video clip of the day

Four different tornadoes in eastern Mississippi and Alabama from this past week including the birth of the Tuscaloosa tornado.

Now, apart from the fact that it is spring and Mother Nature is a bitch there has to be some sort of rational explanation for this freakish weather, right? But, of course...

From Think Progress:

“Given that global warming is unequivocal,” climate scientist Kevin Trenberth cautioned the American Meteorological Society in January of this year, “the null hypothesis should be that all weather events are affected by global warming rather than the inane statements along the lines of ‘of course we cannot attribute any particular weather event to global warming.’”

The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.
(italics, ours)

Rest easy, San Diegans. The wild fires of '03 and '07 can now be rationalized as a sort of pre-punishment by Gaia for going Republican in the following years' elections. Elections do have consequences, indeed.


K T Cat said...

A link is on the way!

Road Dawg said...

You crack me up!

Road Dawg said...

Offers for deployment have been coming in from Ohio to Alabama. They don't have enough catastrophe adjusters to handle the mess across the country.

SarahB said...

Retaliation, eh? Bring, it, Bitch!