Friday, May 20, 2011

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Boy, have we ever fallen off the beam in this little endeavor. No time like the present, however, to get right back on.

Two-time tax cheat and Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner made a speech and did some Q and A afterwards at the Harvard University Shorenstein (Joan) Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy a few days ago and in doing so made some very, very telling remarks.

Sir Charles over at Doo Doo Economics has the goods, here.

We weren't able to sit through the entire thing but there were two general themes that elevated themselves, particularly during the Q and A, and one was that Geithner and his people were infinitelely smarter than the rest of us and that we should be glad they are in charge.

The other was that we should just get used to anemic growth and a sluggish economy - it's the new norm. We got the feeling that Geithner almost welcomed this continual state of economic crisis as it would afford an opportunity, as Rahm Emanuel put it, to do things that would not otherwise have been able to be implemented during a time of a healthy and robust economy. We could be wrong but we're probably not - go check it out for yourself.

Very civil bunch there at Harvard for a guy that deserves to run out of town on a rail.

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SarahB said...

I love how these elitists are now being pretty upfront with their world view...and the media doth not protest.