Saturday, May 28, 2011

More whistling

Yesterday, we noted how ecstatic the liberal punditry was with the Democratic special election victory in NY-26 as they saw it as a rebuking of Paul Ryan's Medicare plan. Whistling past the graveyard as it were because these progressives, these alleged agents of change, are in reality, champions of the staus quo.

For a perfect illustration of this new do-nothingness check out this exchange between former Clinton adviser, Simon Rosenberg and radio host Ben Ferguson.

And that's a wrap...

Not only is no plan advanced by Rosenberg, there is simply no debate to be had either and Rosenberg is reduced to the petulant equivalent of taking his ball and going home. Another flee-bagger, if you will.

Memo to the political class: You don't like Ryan's plan? Fine. Put forth a plan of your own and quit demagoguing an issue that's well past high time in being addressed.

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