Thursday, May 26, 2011

Urban Dictionary term of the day

Back Door Braggart

n. A person who states a problem that they have with the express intention of letting everyone know how awesome they think they are.

Sarah: Lets go check out the new mall!

Lisa: Oh I hate clothes shopping anymore. Since I've been working out I can never find anything that fits because my waist is too tiny and my tits are too big. Life is so unfair!

Sarah: You're such a back door braggart, Lisa. Go screw yourself.


Foxfier said...


B-Daddy said...

Dude, I would expect this post on Tiger Lily's Island, but on BwD. And when am I going to see more beer blogging for that matter.

Dean said...

Oh, in about 20 minutes.

Harrison said...

When bragging about back doors one needs to be very careful as to the context.

SarahB said...

I like it for dudes, but I'm sticking to Spoiled Bitch for the ladies. That applies to anyone on any of "The Housewives of..." or any MTV series, by the way.