Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unreal headline of the day

From ABC News:

The Big 60: Happy Birthday Communist China!

The slideshow wouldn't load so we'll never know what we missed. Images of the tens of millions that died during the Great Leap Forward? Maybe the arrests and imprisonements of those who have dared speak out against the Party and the government? How about forced abortions? Full color photos of the pollution and environmental havoc they wreak on their own land? Or maybe some poisonous food? And Tiananmen Square, anyone?

Hey, we're just trying to help out.

And what slide show celebrating 60 years of wretched, freedom-hating and murderous communist rule would be complete without this guy?

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SarahB said...

I couldn't get more than a title either. I'm hoping it was meant to be tongue-n-cheek and that it would have been a display of the horrors of China's past and present. But, alas, it's ABC, hope would be a waste of effort.