Sunday, May 29, 2011

A mystery solved?

We may have finally figured out the answer to a question that has been vexing us for years now?: After being thoroughly disproven and discredited time after time and in case after case, what exactly has been the draw of statism/collectivism?

Alas, we think we may have found it?

Over in the UK this past week, we see how the President uses the zombifying powers of extolling the virtues of the nanny state to put some of his audience into a stupor as the gentleman on the left at :45 will attest.

So, is that it? Does droning on and on about how your fate and well-being is somehow not fully your responsibility a cause for a drool-inducing and passive obedience to the state? If so, beware then, citizens, of the language of collectivism even from the mouths of semi-skilled orators as we have seen demonstrated here.


K T Cat said...

Everyone deserves what now?

Have you ever noticed how Obama never talks about the free market as something that needs to be encouraged, only as something that needs to be modified?

SarahB said...

I'm more fascinated by the fact that Obama has a bad 5 o'clock shadow only on his upper lip. Someone couldn't give him 10 minutes to shave instead of letting the leader of the free world look like a 15 year-old?

I'm in a particularly snarky, superficial mood this week, so just tell me to shut it if I'm getting out of control.

K T Cat said...


K T Cat said...

Yet another link on the way at the end of today.