Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nope... still not serious

This snuck past us as it is a couple months old but it illustrates perfectly, despite their grandstanding to the contrary, just how unserious the ruling/political class is regarding border/illegal immigrant enforcement.

Immigrants' Rights Advocates Applaud LAPD's New Policy for Vehicle Impounding at DUI Checkpoints

Last week, the Los Angeles Police Department announced a new policy for handling the impounding of vehicles operated by unlicensed drivers who encounter the Department's sobriety and drivers license checkpoints. As a result, immigrants' rights groups are praising the LAPD, reports ABC7, though they believe "more needs to be done."

The LAPD's new policy dictates that if they discover an unlicensed driver at a checkpoint their officers will try to determine who the registered owner of the vehicle is, and if that person is present, the vehicle will be released to them. If the registered owner is also unlicensed, the owner can authorize release of the vehicle to a licensed driver at the scene, and the unlicensed driver will be issued a citation. In the event there is no licensed driver present who can accept the vehicle, then the vehicle will be impounded.

(ed. note: A different news account we read regarding the paragraph above spoke of the police officers waiting for the alleged registered owner to arrive in a "timely manner" furthering our suspicions that the scenario and decision trees therein are one giant goat rope.)

Yesterday, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck met with members of the Southern California Immigration Coalition to discuss these changes. They believe that the previous policy--impound the vehicle if it is being operated by an unlicensed sober driver--"unfairly punished undocumented immigrants who can't get licenses."
(italics, ours)

And of course, don't expect LAPD to actually inform federal agents if and when they cannot determine the residency status of any potential illegal immigrants. No word on whether we're footing the bill for that cab ride home, either.

You would be forgiven if you had a sneaking suspicion that though we are all created equal in the eyes of the law, some are created more equal than others.

H/T: LaDona


SarahB said...

OMG, there will be no living with Olga Diaz now.

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