Sunday, May 15, 2011

The President misses his own Brandenburg Gate moment

Last week, we reported out on the President's "very important border speech" down in El Paso where he used that opportunity to yuck it up about moats, alligators in the moats and quite possibly Mossad-controlled alligators in those moats. (By the way, local residents, those having to cope on a day-to-day basis with border violence... not amused by the Comedian-in-Chief's stand-up routine.)

You know who else wasn't amused? More than a few folks in the audience at the speech who aren't too thrilled with the idea of a border fence and, we would hazard a guess, a border altogether.

Take a look and listen.

Poor guy just can't win. On one side he's got a bunch of loons who expect him to, you know, acknowledge and enforce our sovereignty as a nation and on the other side those who simply don't.

Time and time again, it doesn't take much for the mask to slip, for the pro-amnesty set to betray any good intentions their benefactors in the political/ruling class wish to broadcast and instead display an honest and complete disdain for the concepts of border security and national sovereignty. This and the inherent anti-free market, anti-American, pro-victimization, Third-world socialist dogma that is weaved into much of the pro-amnesty narrative makes it nigh impossible to sit down in good-faith negotiations towards any alleged comprehensive immigration reform.

Don't blame us - they do it to themselves.

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Harrison said...

He claimed the fence was nearly built but in fact is just 5% completed.