Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Confirmed: Beer Goggles

At long last...

Scientists have finally proven what many of us have believed for years – beer goggles really do exist.

The phenomenon, where less attractive people suddenly become more appealing when the onlooker has consumed copious amounts of alcohol, is well known in pubs and clubs across Britain.
(ed.: it ain't just Britain there, champ)

Until now, though, no one really knew why. But a new study has found that drunk students were up to ten per cent more likely to fall for less attractive people than those who were sober.

The report showed the more they drank, the less likely they were to recognise the finer details on people’s face

And of course, from the comment section:

"vodka goggles exist too, beleive it"

I was drunk when I met the wife, and this would explain why I've needed to drink every day since we met.

Harry Monk, Dartford, 06/6/2010 08:23

Pretty disrespectful comment in my opinion, if you really think like that about your wife, chances are she's getting the good attention elsewhere.
- stacey, wales, 6/6/2010 10:16

"It works both ways, ugly men become attractive, I don't see the bald head, and protruding stomach and the look of desperation! But now I've given up the drink I can be more choosy!"

"Human race would have died out years ago without beer."

And on it goes.


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Road Dawg said...

Being on a budget, we decided to cut back, my sacrifice was the beer. I found a receipt later for $30.00 for cosmetics, when admonished, she replied, "that's to look good for YOU"......What do you think the beer was for?

Rimshot please

Dean said...

'Dawg +1.