Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Radio KBwD is on the air

Since we missed our weekly installment of Radio KBwD last Friday, we're making up for it with a mid-week two-fer today. That and the fact that our featured band added dates to their summer/fall tour and will be at The BellyUp Tavern in Solana Beach in September. Color us stoked.

We've featured these guys before and may have even played one of the two songs before as well but you will quickly get over it as these guys rock.

We last saw them at the El Rey Theatre up in L.A. about 3-4 years ago as part of a dinner show. Balcony seats, good food, great music and a pretty girl on our arm. It doesn't get any better.

Ladies and Gentlemen from Tucson, AZ and that wild and remote, wind-swept desert corner of your mind, it's Calexico performing El Picador (w/Mariachi Luz de Luna) and The Ride Pt. 2 in London, England.


SarahB said...

It needs to be friday! Nice vibe...very usher-summer-in-ish

Mutnodjmet said...
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