Thursday, June 3, 2010

You can take the candidate out of Chicago...

... but you can't take Chicago out of the President.

The plot has already begun. GOP talkers are highlighting a Washington Post story that claims Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff said he was offered an administration job to drop out of the Senate primary. (The White House denies this.)

More fodder: The revelation in Jonathan Alter's "The Promise: President Obama, Year One" that Obama offered White House counsel Greg Craig a federal judgeship on the DC Circuit in an effort to ease him out of the White House.

Washington insiders are incredulous that any of this could ever matter, viewing it (correctly) as typical politics that happen all the time. But that's the point.

Obama promised to change Washington's culture. Instead, his White House counsel justified the White House move by pointing out that past White Houses have done Sestak-type deals, though he offered no examples.

Change indeed.

Charlie Cook, analyzing the current political environment, pointed out in a recent report that, "long-serving Democratic members of Congress identified as having 'gone Washington' are especially under threat." Presumably, the same holds for short-serving Democratic presidents.

If you are an Obama supporter and you are being completely honest with yourself, whether or not any illegalities have taken place are immaterial. Things were supposed to be different under Obama, correct? HopenChange and no more business as usual, right? And despite that, Team O's deck is stacked with old school, brass knuckle, Chi-town pols. And now, with respect to the Sestak dust-up, who is the other principle figure? None other than Himself - a person whose reputation is synonymous with sleaze.

How fitting. Half of America would believe anything Himself would say and the other half wouldn't bat an eye that he was involved with this.

Business as usual or business as usual on HGH?

H/T: Dennis Miller


B-Daddy said...

But He, that is Himself, has never pretended to be anyone other than who He Himself is.

SarahB said... can't make this stuff up