Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Laker victory parades: past and present.

The Laker championship victory parade went down yesterday in downtown Los Angeles. There were a lot of people there... including, we're assuming, the majority of the Lakers players and front office staff. There were probably some arrests, also. We think most everybody had a pretty decent time. Hopefully they can do it again next year.

OK, that's enough. One of the collateral benefits of a) having a blog and b) the Lakers winning championships is that we can post the video clip below.

This is from the 2001 championship parade and the star this time around is Laker reserve forward, Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen" and quite possibly the greatest victory parade speech of all-time.

To those who speak Spanish...

It never gets old. Never.

And as an added bonus, Madsen proves his dance skills are nearly as stupendous as his speechifying.

It's incredible. The camera loves him. It can't tear itself away from the spectacle.

Having a blog totally rules.

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SarahB said...

Those are the whitest moves I've ever seen....EVER.