Thursday, June 17, 2010

That the good Lord would be so good to us.

We about fell over ourselves getting to the story at titled:

For Obama, crisis may outweigh record.

We were not disappointed. We think you will enjoy as well how Democrats are assessing the political landscape leading up to the 2010 midterms:

Democrats are counting on President Obama's substantial legislative record to provide the best selling points on the campaign trail, enough to counter any concerns about his detached demeanor.

While Republicans are the party of no, Democrats say, this White House has produced a series of important bills that prove just how competent this president is: the economic stimulus, health care reform, extending the the financial bailout and most likely financial regulation.

How badly do you think the President's "leadership" ratings have taken a hit to where Democrats are actually thinking of running on ObamaCare and Porkulus? This is stunning. We're we running things, we feel spinning his job on the oil spill would be easier than his job on legislation that nobody wants and which was crafted in the most shamelessly political and partisan of ways. You know, those ways that an Obama presidency was to rise above in the new era of Hopenchange.

Oh, and the tone of the article does not for a moment hint at any irony. Perhaps the author was unconscious for the past 14 months when the arm-twisting, deal-making, bribing and outright lying to the American people, particularly with respect to ObamaCare was manifest evidence of Obama's "competence". Nope, this thing is played totally straight-up - no tongues found in any one's cheeks anywhere.

In fairness to the author, Julian E. Zelizer, on loan from Princeton, he is merely re-iterating what it is the Democrats believe but he never challenges the assertion as the following attests:

Democrats have started to compare Obama to FDR or LBJ, counteracting the more problematic comparison to the one-term President Jimmy Carter.

As Jonathan Alter, Newsweek columnist and author of "The Promise," recently said: "Just by getting health care through ... [Barack Obama is] now standing alone with Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson in terms of domestic achievement."

Exit question: Why is Ivy League bashing so prevalent?

Answer: Because they make it so damn easy.

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